grep -i: this is how we search

In real life search talks about trying to find something and you finish with the exact solution to your query. When you search for a pill for a headache in your house, you don't settle for any of the 100 different medicines that you find first, or all the medicines in your medicine cabinet just because it appeared before you in 0.18 seconds. You search until you have found the right medicine.

An experiment with search

This is an experiment with search. I am going to try and write a search engine that will search everywhere, with your search parameters, asking you for more information, if needs be and finally returning you the exact page or article or thing that you wanted. If you search for florist that sells tulips, I will make sure to send you the one right next to your house which does sell tuplips.

How would I do that?

I will try to get as much information about you as possible through facebook, browser location etc. Then I will look through the data I find from general web, twitter, other media etc. to find that solution for you. I will ofcourse ask you if I have doubts. Initially the search might take more time, but as you use it more and more, the search will be subsequently faster.

If I cannot break ties between different options, I will ask your preferences. Be nice and play along ;)


Python Programmer

I am looking for a programmer to join my startup.

Age: Any

Location: Anywhere, work from your home.

Remuneration: Profit sharing.

Minimum Qualification:

Good communication skills in English, Python programmer. Great to work with. Linux master.

How to apply:

Send an email with github/bitbucket/portfolio to Please include previous works.

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